Largest Collaborative books project-Vijay Shah & others ( Limca book of Record)


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Largest collaborative books project

Under the aegis of Vijay D Shah (b Sept 10, 1952) of Houston, Texas, USA, 33 writers created 25 books in Gujarati. The collaborative process started in June 2006 and the first book was published in March 2012. The 21 novels, one compilation of five short novels, two poem collections with a theme and a spell bee book were published as of June 30, 2014. Some of the processes the authors experimented were – one character one chapter writing simultaneously, a story is passed from writer to writer with each writing one chapter, the main writer briefs the other writers on the overall storyline and the other writers follow or sometimes a word-limit was provided along with the restriction of not adding any more characters in the story, etc. The main author of a particular story was in charge of the flow and the deadlines.

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